Who Said an Office Installation Should Be Expensive

When you think of an information technology firm, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it computers, business security cameras, or network security? Probably one of those three things, right? But, did you ever imagine that office partitions and windows can be. Probably not, but today we are going to push those boundaries and start making you think out of the box with a company called Miles Technologies.

Imagine if you will, that you can just build your office with Lego and have office space with movable walls.

This information technology firm has some great office space that will take you back to the early 90’s when the days of Nintendo and Mega Man reigned supreme.


mega man built out of legos

First… A Little About Miles Technologies

Miles Technologies provides a wide variety of services including digital marketing, information technology solutions for businesses, software development, and web design. This is an information technology company that can do it all and they provide excellent service to their customers. They are leaders in both the digital marketing industry and the IT industry and have been since 1997.

Their company can design you a magnificent website and provide security for your business at the same time.


Now Let’s Talk About Their Amazing Office

If you have never been inside the offices of this amazing company, then you would probably think that it was the headquarters for the Lego’s company; however, we think that is great because they have done an amazing job of getting rid of the typical boring office space setting that many of us know and hate so much. This type of office space, pushes the “norm” boundaries allowing nothing but the free flowing creativity to surge through this office and its employee’s.


More Photos From Miles Technology

lego cubicle wall

Office Space with Movable Walls


The structure of the cubicles for the employees is made from giant Lego’s with amazing bright colors to get the minds flowing with brilliant ideas. These colors send a calming feeling over the office reducing the stress of the employees. These bright fun filled colors keep the atmosphere of the office light and cheerful.


lego cubicle

Lego Wall

This Lego wall is another wall to a cubicle. They have spaces in them to allow the brilliant minds to communicate and share ideas with one another. Each cubical has a number and each number is assigned to an employee.


lego office

Cubicle Divider


These cubicle dividers for employee work spaces, give each employee a place to call their own without being trapped behind a door to an office. The open floor plan of the work space allows the employees to share ideas with each other. The bright colors offer a fun environment for employees to shake off the stresses of the day.


miles technologies conference room

conference room


BORING MEETINGS NO MORE!! Can you say you have ever had a meeting where the tables were made from Lego’s? I know i haven’t. It is known that colors in the work place increase productivity, creativity and mood.


miles technologies cafeteria



The different pattern flooring is very catching to the eyes, along with the beer barrel drums for table legs and the live edge river tables to top, it just gives this place a very calming and peaceful feel. With plenty of seating and space for you to move freely, there is no possible way to feel anything but comfortable here while you enjoy your lunch or shoot a game of pool on your break.


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